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Cultivate collective


Facilitators nurture the seeds of potential and uproot unproductive thoughts and habits.

They shine light on collective growth, foster a garden of connectivity among participants, and champion actionable outcomes and accountability – paving the way for sustained growth and collaborative success.


The ART of Facilitation

Businesses in the US alone waste $37 billion on ineffective meetings, which may lead to poor connection, a lack of collaboration and wasted time.

1. Facilitation allows the leader to participate in the group work.
Leaders who hire Divinely Powered facilitators not only understand the value of collaboration to spark innovation and produce needed change, but they also understand the importance of having “skin in the game” by positioning themselves as active participants.

2. Facilitation drives the group to accountability.
Divinely Powered prioritizes the meeting outcomes. Leaders working together toward a unified outcome effectively helps build a stronger taskforce and therefore improves results across multiple measures.

3. Facilitation amplifies the voice of the collective.

Divinely Powered facilitators ensure every leader has equal real estate of the conversation so participants feel respected and heard throughout the discussions when exchanging ideas.


Igniting Potential  through Transformative Facilitation

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Mastering Electrifying Moderation

The allure of a moderator thematically engages you, fuels the audience's interest, and showcases the unique expertise of each panelist, all while being devoted to creating a lasting impact.

1. Moderators are the energy nurturers of an event.

Divinely Powered Moderators promote connections, encourages purposeful
human conversations, and create a courageous space for all to live in their
authenticity free of judgement.

2. Moderators are familiar with the topic and the needs of the

Divinely Powered Moderators guide the event toward a unified outcome that is valuable for the audience and effectively helps build a stronger taskforce, improving results across multiple measures.

3. Moderators are meticulous track stars.

Divinely Powered Moderators understands the importance of ensuring everyone's time is of the essence. They review the agenda in advance and ensure each speaker has equal real estate of the conversation.

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Empowering Accountability through Human-Centric Moderation

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Tailored Facilitation & Moderation


We prioritize a personalized approach in structuring facilitation and moderation topics meticulously tailored to cater to your distinct needs. Our comprehensive offerings are ideal for various settings whether it be in-person, virtual, or hybrid sessions. The focus is to ensure an engaging and productive environment irrespective of the format. The well-crafted sessions aim at stimulating interactive discussions and fostering a deeper understanding among participants, thereby effectively addressing the specific objectives you aspire to achieve. Through this personalized approach, we aim to facilitate a rewarding learning and engagement experience tailored to your distinct requirements. Make the investment today for: 


Elevating Business Resilience Through Our DEI&B Partnership Programs

Diversity and Inclusion are business-critical elements that cultivate the best human capital and touch all parts of the business. In these turbulent times where race and social injustices follow your resources to work, leaders must understand that their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) initiatives are imperative and no longer an option. As an organization, you can no longer sweep the need for DEI&B out of the door because your organization may be left on the losing side of this cultural shift. DEI&B is the new normal for optimal solutions, dynamic problem solving, and innovation.


We partner with our clients to discover and effectively leverage DEI&B by facilitating the connection and blending of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, character traits, and values that contribute to organizational growth.

Make DEIB a


not a moment

In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for
celebration and growth rather than a reason for destruction.

~ Audre Lorde


Our Skilled Facilitation on DEI&B Dynamics Fosters Open Dialogues

Diversity and inclusion facilitators require special skills to facilitate
potentially difficult conversations or education sessions. These sessions can
be briefly defined as discussions with an intimate group of colleagues
coming together to explore the world of Black, Indigenous, People of Color
(BIPOC) in the workplace, microaggressions, allyship, and accompliceship, to name a few. The sessions are designed to create a space of honesty,
authenticity and transparency about the realities of how our racial identity
impact our lives at work.  


We aim to build a human-centered perspective filled with empathy, trust, grace and compassion amongst colleagues, while also gathering high-level themes and potential solutions to share with the organization to inform future diversity and inclusion strategies.

Expand your leadership toolkit: 

  • Discern the differences in the concepts of equity, belonging, and diversity and inclusion.

  • Comprehend both business and people issues, and be prepared to confront difficult topics.

  • Connect diversity and equity back to work processes and work design.

  • Understand DEI&B in the context of organizational and cultural change.

  • Partner with leaders to disarm sources of systemic barriers and empower underrepresented talent.

You belong here

By partnering with us, you're not merely partaking in a transient initiative, but investing in a transformative journey that endeavors to make diversity a sustained movement within your organizational fabric. Through our collaborative engagement, we aim to echo the message 'You Belong Here' across every echelon of your organization, fostering a nurturing landscape ripe for innovation, dynamic problem-solving, and meaningful connections.

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