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Break away to  experience


It’s time to release the past, rebuild the present, and reimagine the future as a collective force.

Divinely Powered support organizations in achieving this through the immersive experience of Leadership Enrichment & Wellness Retreats.

unified success

Tap into the power of US

Silence the noise of the daily grind, tune into gaps that were overlooked, discover innovative opportunities, and  construct a new version of shared excellence at our retreats . Throw away your old formula of Leadership Retreats and make an intentional investment to craft a carefully curated experience that ignites the soul of your leadership team and amplifies future strategic organizational impact.

Executive Leadership Retreat

We create an atmosphere that invites leaders to bring their authentic selves. All executives need a safe space to discuss their leadership styles and beliefs without fear of judgement or appearing incompetent.  Leaving the concern
of the workplace at work, our summits create a unique opportunity to provide leadership growth, insights, and distinctions that will help them execute the organization’s strategy effectively. Executives will have the opportunity to reflect and question the following:


  • Is your organization or team willing to grow forward in response to the leadership needs of the future?

  • What type of support is need for the leadership team to be successful in their role?

  • What would help the leadership team operate more effectively together?

  • How does the current team or organization culture contribute to or impede the success of strategic goals?

  • What’s the cost to the team if you don’t adopt the strategic direction necessary to be innovative for the future?

  • Are you aware of the type of organizational opportunities available that will transform your leadership team moving forward?

Executive Leadership Retreat Program


In partnership with our clients, we design leadership development programs and retreats that are rooted in neurolinguistics programming and advanced behavioral change methodology. Our credentialed instructors leverage an assortment of tools to engage leaders in an interactive experience, virtual or in-person, that results in providing Executives and teams with the skills needed to reach their desired outcome.

The best retreats, offsites and/or summits simultaneously enable leaders to deeply connect with their values, build their future path, align with their colleagues, and map out their individual/collective leadership discovery journey.



Executive Leadership Retreat


You are in the right hands 

Explore untapped potential with our tailored leadership retreats. These retreats provide a haven for self-discovery, innovative thinking, and fostering a culture of inclusivity. By connecting to a deeper source of insight, leaders are empowered to drive impactful change within their teams.

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